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At the summit of Ben Nevis

Myself (left) and my brother, Philip, (right) reach the summit of Ben Nevis

I decided, along with my brother and some friends, to do The National Three Peaks Challenge in June 2010. This was a decision made on 4th January on returning to work from the Christmas break after eating and drinking far too much for the past fortnight! It seemed like a great idea to get us into shape and work off some pounds, whilst also giving us the opportunity to raise some money for charity.

When we thought about it, we all had great reasons to raise money for charity, and so we set about organising the team and setting a date. The team comprised of:

  • Stephen Heath (me) – Cancer Research
  • Philip Heath (my brother) – The Wingate Centre
  • Hayden Long – Cancer Research
  • Dave Long – Meningitis UK
  • Andrew Ferguson – Balfour Beatty, Building Better Futures

My other brother, Andrew, also joined the team as the dedicated driver of the minibus.

Overall the challenge went well and to our delight we completed it in 23 hours 46 minutes, raising over £7,000 for charity in the process.

From deciding to take part in the challenge to the challenge date itself was approximately 5 months. This gave us plenty of time to hit the gym and get some much needed mountain training in. We also spent a lot of time researching the challenge to find out what was required in terms of fitness, equipment and logistics.

The purpose of this site is to share some of the research I gathered along with personal experiences and recommendations. I hope the site proves to be of some use if you intend on doing the national three peaks challenge and you can get in touch via facebook and twitter for more involvement or to share your own experiences and thoughts.

Take care and good luck!


The team completed the national three peaks challenge

The team completed the national three peaks challenge in 23 hours 46 minutes!


Since completing the national 3 peaks challenge I have continued to study mountain walking and other outdoor challenges and regularly get outdoors with the family. During this time I have built up some great contacts with professionals and enthusiasts in the outdoors. In particular, I now have contact to some great Mountain Leaders who specialise in all kinds of mountain challenges including the 3 peaks. They provide a host of services in addition to Mountain Leading including transport, accommodation, refreshments and first-aid. They hold professional qualifications and can also help with training such as for fitness purposes and navigation. If you are interested in the services of a Mountain Leader please get in touch by using the contact forms on the relevant pages of the site.

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