Don’t buy cheap walking boots

Walking boots - National 3 PeaksGood walking boots are arguably the most important piece of kit you will take. Take plenty of time looking for the right boots for you, and try plenty of pairs on before making your choice. For mountain walking, it is a good idea to wear ankle supporting boots as the terrain is often rocky, uneven or loose and the extra support will help greatly. Make sure you try your boots on with good walking socks as these tend to be thicker than casual or sports socks, and you’ll need a little room inside the boot to avoid blisters (ensuring that they still fit and do not slip). Most walking boots are waterproof, but double check as you don’t want wet feet, and ensure they are breathable to avoid the build up of sweat which can lead to fungal infections such as athletes foot. Ultimately, the boots you choose will be personal preference, but try not to skimp too much as good boots will last for years and you’ll be thankful you bought a decent pair. Check out the equipment page.

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