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Follow the slowest - National 3 PeaksIf you are walking or climbing in a group then it’s a good idea for the slowest member of the team to set the pace. If a member of the team tries to go at a faster pace than they are comfortable with (or beyond their fitness level) you will end up having to stop more frequently for breaks, and ultimately you may have to give up completely. The secret is to maintain a slow steady pace from the start that the whole team is happy with and can maintain. Inevitably, you will become more tired as the climb progresses, so start off slower than you think is ‘correct’ and try and maintain this steady pace throughout – it won’t seem so slow as you get higher up!

Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint.

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  1. Great tip Stephen! I’m taking part in the WellChild Three Peaks Challenge next May and can’t wait. There are 9 of us taking up the challenge and have started our training already – after reading this I think we need to become more aware of each other and work as one so that we reach each peak as one! Thanks again for the tips on this site – I’ll keep checking back over the next year 🙂



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