Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike

Scafell Pike 978m (3209ft)
Approximate time for the challenge: 4 hours
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Walking Routes

There are two main routes for climbing Scafell Pike both of which are suitable for the three peaks challenge. One starts from Seathwaite and the other starts from Wasdale Head. The route from Seathwaite is quicker to reach in the car, but adds approximately an hour onto the walk. Wasdale Head takes about an hour extra to reach in the car, but this time is saved on the walk. You will need to decide if you would rather speed the car journey up or save your legs!

There is a further route via Lickledore but this is eroded and probably not suitable for the challenge.

To walk up Scafell Pike involves a lot of clambering over boulders. Hiking poles can help but using them is very much personal preference, so it’s a good idea to try poles out before your mountain walk. Good, sturdy walking boots are a must and be sure to wear your boots in for a few months to reduce the risk of getting blisters.

It can be difficult to determine the path over the boulder fields, but you will find several cairns dotted around – head for these as they point out the easiest path. The cairns themselves can be difficult to spot, especially in poor weather conditions, so it’s also important to be able to navigate with a map and compass.

From Seathwaite

Starting from the car park, walk through the farm, over Stockley Bridge, to Styhead Gill. From Styhead, continue to Corridor Route to Lingmell Col, and on to the peak of Scafell Pike.

From Wasdale Head

Start from The National Trust Campsite:

Wasdale Head Hall Farm
Wasdale Head
CA20 1EX

Follow the rocky footpath past a small lodge on your right, and follow this over a footbridge and onwards to Lingmell Gill. Here, bear to the left, heading uphill before crossing the river and passing Brown Tongue, and continuing to the peak of Scafell Pike.

Book a Mountain Leader

If you’ve never climbed Scafell Pike before, or you think you’ll need guidance, then we can help to arrange a qualified UK Mountain Leader for you. A Mountain Leader will offer advice, keep you safe, assist with navigation and help you to succeed in climbing Scafell Pike whether it be for the national three peaks challenge or for any other recreational purpose. See our bookings page to make an enquiry.

Maps and Route Guides

You can purchase the Ordnance Survey map for Scafell Pike from Amazon by clicking here or you can visit the Ordnance Survey website.
For other maps and route guides see our equipment page.

Routes & GPS

To see example routes using Google Maps / Google Earth and also MapMyWalk – together with GPS information – click here.
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