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Use a drinks bladder

Drinks bladder - National 3 Peaks

You will need plenty of fluid to climb a mountain and the best way to carry and access it is via a drinks bladder such as the Camel Bak brand. Most new rucksacks accommodate a drinks bladder in a pouch located in the main compartment with a hole in the top of the rucksack to …

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Don’t buy cheap walking boots

Walking boots - National 3 Peaks

Good walking boots are arguably the most important piece of kit you will take. Take plenty of time looking for the right boots for you, and try plenty of pairs on before making your choice. For mountain walking, it is a good idea to wear ankle supporting boots as the terrain is often rocky, uneven …

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Remember to take travel sickness tablets on your 3 peaks challenge

travel sickness tablets

If you’re taking part in the 24 hour national three peaks challenge then you are going to spend approximately 11 hours in the car or minibus travelling from mountain to mountain. You will be tired and the motion of the vehicle can easily give you travel sickness, especially on the narrow twisty mountain roads. If …

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Top 10 do’s and don’ts for the Three Peaks Challenge

top 10 do's and don'ts for the three peaks

Based on personal experience, here’s some basic do’s and don’ts for the national 3 peaks challenge: DO take drinks from a drinks bladder and pack your rucksack carefully so things are where you need them and easily accessible DO use laminated maps and make sure everyone can navigate (and consider booking a Mountain Guide) DO …

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