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Follow the slowest

Follow the slowest - National 3 Peaks

If you are walking or climbing in a group then it’s a good idea for the slowest member of the team to set the pace. If a member of the team tries to go at a faster pace than they are comfortable with (or beyond their fitness level) you will end up having to stop …

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Take your breaks

Take your breaks - National 3 Peaks Challenge

I have read books from experienced mountain walkers who, for the three peaks challenge, suggest that you don’t stop on the mountain during your climb. Instead, they suggest you continue at a steady pace and eat and drink as necessary on the move. Whilst I understand this approach I don’t entirely agree with it. I …

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Taking up the Challenge book – a must have for 3 Peakers

The National 3 Peaks: Taking up the challenge

This book helped us immensley on our national 3 peaks challenge – it contains detailed information on training, equipment and what to expect on the mountains. It contains the story of a group of walkers who attempted the 3 peaks challenge and details their emotions and experiences during training and the actual challenge. It also …

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Call out Mountain Rescue book revised and republished

Call out mountain rescue? book

Call out mountain rescue? A pocket guide to safety on the hill The second edition of this best selling safety handbook has now been published. Now with twenty extra info-packed pages to include a first aid section along with a countryside section and more information on preparation and planning. New first aid section contains valuable …

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