Take your breaks

Take your breaks - National 3 Peaks ChallengeI have read books from experienced mountain walkers who, for the three peaks challenge, suggest that you don’t stop on the mountain during your climb. Instead, they suggest you continue at a steady pace and eat and drink as necessary on the move. Whilst I understand this approach I don’t entirely agree with it. I think it is extremely important to take a few short breaks during your climb (and on the descent) to take in a high energy snack and some fluid. Apart from allowing you to catch your breath and see how the team are doing, it is motivational to think ‘we’ll stop just up there by that cairn and take a short break’. It helps mentally to break the climb up into smaller, more manageable, segments. Also, it doesn’t have to add time to your overall climb as you only need to stop for a minute or two and then be back on your way again. These short breaks, along with allowing you to take on some extra energy, allow you to catch your breath and then head off with a new lease of life.

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