Taking up the Challenge book – a must have for 3 Peakers

The National 3 Peaks: Taking up the challengeThis book helped us immensley on our national 3 peaks challenge – it contains detailed information on training, equipment and what to expect on the mountains. It contains the story of a group of walkers who attempted the 3 peaks challenge and details their emotions and experiences during training and the actual challenge.

It also details the equipment they took and which member of the team were responsible for each item, together with a training plan for getting fit and even what food they took with them. Also included, which is very useful for any 3 peakers, are road routes for getting to the mountains by car or minibus and then the mountain routes themselves including GPS waypoints.

We found this book very useful indeed and at £6.89 is great value for money too.

You can buy this book from Amazon here.

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