Travelling the National Three Peaks


Travelling and directions for the national three peaks challengeApproximate travelling time for the challenge: 11 hours

When you are planning your three peaks challenge be sure to give plenty consideration to the vehicle you will use and who will be driving. It is easy to say “we’ll take your car” and “we’ll share the driving” but in reality you will need lots of room for your gear and food etc, and you will need to be comfortable enough to get some sleep in between mountains.

Dedicated Driver

A dedicated driver is a great idea for the challenge (or more than one depending on the size of your group) who is not taking part in the climbing as you will be too tired between climbs to drive safely. Having a dedicated driver can also help when it comes to preparing food for the end of each climb. Just before the climbers are due to arrive back at the car, the driver can prepare the food saving valuable time. If you are just going to take cold food then this may not be such an issue, but a warm bowl of stew or something similar will do wonders when you’ve just climbed one of the highest mountains in Great Britain! Having a driver also means that you can be on your way before you’ve even taken your boots off.

Car or Minibus

Minibus - National 3 Peaks
It may seem like an easy choice to make, but there are pros and cons for both transport methods when doing the three peaks challenge.

You will be in the vehicle for approximately 11 hours during the 24 hour challenge so you will need to be comfy and have plenty of room to be able to sleep on the journey. Having 5 people in a car for example, will be too cramped and won’t give you the opportunity to stretch your legs out. A big estate car is one option, or even 2 cars depending on the size of your group. A car will more than likely be faster round the many single lane roads you will be driving on, but you will have to change your clothes and boots outside the car as you won’t have good enough access to the boot whilst on the move. A minibus on the other hand, albeit a little slower on the roads, will allow you to be on your way as soon as you’re down from the mountain as you will be able to change your boots as the driver heads off.

The advantage of choosing a minibus is that all your equipment and food will be within easy reach throughout the journey. It also means that you could have a larger group of climbers and still only need one driver. On the other hand, a car will cope with the mountain roads easier, especially round Scafell Pike where they become very narrow indeed. It is also worth bearing in mind that certain minibuses are restricted by a speed limiter to 62 mph so this will be a factor on the motorways.

The transport you choose will probably depend on the size of your group, the number of drivers you have and the routes you plan to take on the roads.

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Ben Nevis to Scafell Pike

(5hrs 35 – 6hrs 12)

View larger map and get written directions

Scafell Pike to Snowdon

(4hrs 13 – 4hrs 54)

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